About Us



PN Metal is founded in 2003, by Mr. Plakjanoski Novko

180 employees are directly engaged in the production process and more than 100 employees are employed in small companies that produce parts incorporated in the production of the final product.

The main program of PN METAL is the production of pellet stoves. Pellet heaters are delivered and sold in the countries of the European Union.

Production takes place in three factories with a total area of ​​25,000 m2.

Product control is our priority and is set at a high level. It is carried out in accordance with the control plans of each part of the production process. Finally, in the production process, assembly control is performed using special software to detect defective electronic components.

All electronic components incorporated in our products are of origin and possess the necessary standards and certificates from the European Union.

PN METAL'S development plans include the adoption of heat pump and inverter technology.

A concept plan has been prepared in several steps and includes an analysis of the existing equipment and a techno-economic analysis of the needs of the new technology.

We cannot change the beginning of life, but we can change the quality of life.